Bilstein 4600 Shocks Review [2021]

We would only recommend the 4600 series on a daily driver and commuting type vehicle. If you plan to do high-performance driving or plan on trekking your car then Bilstein 4600 is not the shock for you. The 4600 series is not designed for extreme performance driving or use. In our test, the ride quality was not as compliant as we would like and the damping ability is not as good as the full competition shock absorbers. One thing important to note about Bilstein 4600s is that they fit only stock-height vehicles. 

But however, it doesn’t mean that Bilstein 4600 is a bad shock.
The Bilstein 4600 Series are designed with monotube gas pressure technology. They are pressurized with nitrogen for consistent performance for your ride. These shocks are built specifically for daily commute vehicles where comfort and ride quality is important to ensure a perfect fit and offer easy built-on installation.

There was no noticeable difference in ride quality in our testing between Bilstein 4600 and Bilstein 5100 under the same circumstances.

They both ride the same but on a dirt road, you will feel the difference. If you can spare an additional $150 It would be better to go with the Bilstein 5100.

Final Verdict: The 4600 Series is the best performance shock for a daily driver that is still in an OEM or aftermarket suspension. Bilstein 4600 would be a great factory replacement but Bilstein 5100 will be really nice.

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