Bilstein 5100 Shocks Review [2021]

Bilstein 5100 is an ideal shock for people who are off-road enthusiasts and like to go trekking from time to time. These shocks are specially designed for the lifted vehicles(up to 3 “), Trucks having larger wheels and tires. Basically, anything modified, not a factory one. 

In my experience, Bilstein 5100s ride a bit firm but they’re known for being a little bit firm. They’re very good on big bumps like potholes, railroad tracks, etc. That firmness really helps to absorb that which is really nice. However, on the smaller bumps, you do feel them.

In terms of off-road performance, I feel Bilstein 5100 punches above its weight. It’s definitely a budget more like entry-level leveling struts that do not have a complete coil-over and they’re not going to compete with something like a fox 2.5 external reservoir coil-over. They’re just not built to that level but they’re also not at that price range so depending on the driving you do this may or may not be a good system for you. 

To elaborate on that, I think Bilstein 5100  does really really well in off-road scenarios where you’re running some forest roads, maybe getting back to your favorite camping spot or your favorite fishing spot.

I mean someplace rocky or rougher terrain but you want a little bit more comfort in your ride. It does an excellent job in that regard and it seems to handle pretty well even with a little additional weight in the vehicle so if you have your family loaded up or you’ve got some camping gear in there you don’t need to worry. It’s actually pretty impressive that it can handle terrain like that. 

These 5100s only start to suffer in terms of off-road performance is when you’re pushing them at higher speeds or trying to kind of bomb through the desert and hit whoops with them 

If you’re the type of person that is looking for a system that’s gonna be better than a leveling spacer but not quite as intense as a full Coilover kit then 5100s are the perfect struts for you.

On-road performance I think for the most part people are mainly concerned with the off-road performance and how much of a tire increase they can get on a vehicle like this. 

But if this is your daily driver and you’re commuting back and forth to work then the way it rides on the street is going to be important to you and it’s probably going to matter to your family as well if they’re riding or driving this vehicle too.
In my experience I find them to be really comfortable on the road. It handles really nicely. I don’t think it fatigues at all. You’re not going to hurt your spine or feel like it’s a backbreaker going over speed bumps and things as you can imagine if this kit is gonna ride nice like it does 

The 5100 is a very good shock. It’s also built to last so if you go with the 5100, you can pretty much be sure that that’s it. You won’t need to change it any time soon.

They are suitable for use with most heavy stock vehicles including trucks, jeeps, and SUVs thanks to Bilstein’s gas pressure technology they’re able to deliver excellent handling both on and off-road while also offering an impressively smooth ride.

The 5100s have an extra zinc coating. As these shocks are typically found in off-road trucks, this helps shield the tube from debris.

The BILSTEIN 5100s are the pricier option but are the best choice if you have a lot of towing and hauling. They are also a great choice for a vehicle that sees a lot of off-road use.

All things considered, they are a great option. You can’t go wrong with them.

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