Bilstein 6112 Shock Review [2021]

Bilstein 6112 Coilover is basically a step up over just the 5100s leveled strut. While 5100s strut works well but Bilstein 6112 is a bit more off-road focused and has a little bit more beef to it to really give you the performance you want when you’re getting off the street into the trails.

Bilstein 6112 has a six-inch diameter shock body which is quite a bit larger than the factory shocks and when you get your hands on them you can tell that you’re dealing with a bigger and better unit.

They use a removable collar that can be stacked up to adjust the leveling height of your truck. You could set it anywhere from stock height to 0.8”, 1.2”,1.6”,2.0”, 2.5″

One added advantage is that this allows you to fit a little bit beefier tire which can add a lot for off-road performance. Not only are you getting the benefit of having better suspension but you can also take advantage of running a better tire which gives you an all-around better performance.

Let’s talk about how these bad boys actually perform on the dirt. Whether it be rocks, mud, sand, or dirt, whatever the Bilstein 6112 really does shine in these rough terrains. Because of the larger shock body and the specialty valving that’s built into these you get better traction off-road in the sense that there’s a little bit more stability and less juddering and hopping around.

Also, when driving on trails you get comfortable knowing that you’re dealing with a more durable part than just a factory strut. This translates to better off-road performance but also more confidence when you really want to get out away from the city and head to your favorite camping spot or fishing hole wherever that may be.

Performance on Road: 

The Bilstein 6112 performs excellently well on road. With any coil-over strut setup, you are gonna get a little bit stiffer ride than you have from the factory struts but it will perform exactly how you’d expect when you’re driving around town overall. The ride is very comfortable on the highway. Still and bumps and things that you get as you’re driving around town or on a little bit rougher paved roads are still gonna feel very normal and the truck will feel very planted and controlled. 

I’d say the Bilstein B eights are an excellent option for somebody that uses their truck as a weekend warrior machine or just wants better off-road performance.

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