Bilstein 8112 Shocks Review [2021]

These shocks are Bilstein’s newest offering in terms of suspension and specifically Coilover design. These 8112s are specifically for the f-150 but they fit anything from 2015 to 2020.  

It’s a really nice coil-over setup this is going to be kind of a top-of-the-line type of suspension package so if you’re looking for something budget this probably is not for you. But the amount of performance you’re going to get out of these is going to be a lot better. The way these are built Bilstein 8112’s are using a 60-millimeter diameter shock body that is steel that’s zinc plated so that way it resists corrosion and rust. They actually feature some new technology within it which Bilstein is calling zone control and what that essentially means is that there are three separate pistons with three separate zones inside of that shock body that way the valving is a little bit more scalable depending on the terrain you’re driving on and the shocks can adapt so you get a comfortable ride on the street that isn’t too rigid and back-breaking but you also get the proper supple ride that you want off-road and you can kind of tear through the trails and get a little bit of speed without this thing rattling your brain.

Another thing you’ll notice is that they have external reservoirs, so you’ve got more room for that fluid to move which allows you a little bit more travel and allows the fluid to cool a bit better. So there’s more room for those pistons to come up and down and you get a better performing Coilover overall.

You can also change the ride height on the vehicle to two inches of ride height. You can run anywhere from stock to two inches so it’s plenty of room to get you a little bit bigger tire and a little bit more clearance on the vehicle.

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