Fox 2.0 Shocks Review [2021]

Fox 2.0 is a very simple entry-level suspension kit. There are no external reservoirs or any crazy adjustments or anything. It just has a 3-way adjustable shock and some springs. The parts are tuned for street and trail driving and work great on a daily driven vehicle. The kit is very affordable and an easy way to get the handling you want without being too aggressive for the street. It is designed for budget-minded people.

Talking in terms of off-road performance, these shocks are on the soft side. It takes that excessive squishiness from the factory suspension and refines it so that you still feel comfortable and you’ve not rattled around in the truck. I definitely prefer a softer suspension so this does speak to me.

I know some folks do like a suspension that’s a bit on the stiffer side and maybe a little bit more rugged and truckish and so if that’s the thing you’re into then it is not for you as fox 2.0 is on the softer end. Frankly, I prefer them as you can drive for hours without feeling like the trucks rattling apart or you’re gonna be massively fatigued and it does feel really good too.

So on the trail, I’d say that these perform excellently. I like them a lot better than the factory suspension. The nose isn’t dipping in every time I pump the brakes, it definitely feels way more refined and you’re in more control and the truck has some more capability to play with.

They don’t add any additional height but they have a big advantage over the supersoft factory shocks is that these trucks have a pretty soft leaf spring in the back. Leaf springs set up are real squishy. As soon as you get a load on there start towing it’ll squat pretty good.

A lot of people don’t like it and it isn’t super truckish in the way that that but as far as off-roads are concerned it’s nice to have a shock with leaf springs.

One thing to remember is that these are still Fox 2.0, not Fox 2.5 where you’ve got a thicker diameter shock or maybe a little bit tougher spring and everything is built to take some more abuse. 

These shocks are just gonna be something that gets you a little bit off-road more and that’s definitely what it accomplishes. If you’re on smooth terrain obviously you’re not gonna have an issue and I felt like it cruised along pretty fine and was well planted but as soon as you hit something big or a rock catches you off-guard you’re gonna regret it.

Overall I’ve been really pleased with the way that this kit performed so obviously you can tell that I’m a fan of the Fox’s system and I think this is a really great entry-level kit for people that want to get a better stance and drive their vehicle off-road a little bit more I will say as far as drawbacks are concerned I think adding a lot of weight to this kit can be a bit of a disadvantage as having the weight in the back it may be too soft for that. 

The price that this kit comes in at and the simplicity of getting installed and just how well it works it’s a pretty small gripe for a kit that I think a lot of guys are gonna be really satisfied with it’s also worth noting that the build quality on these is excellent I’ve never had an issue with Fox’s build quality on any of their suspensions that I ran on my truck.

The Fox’s haven’t given us any complaints so I’m definitely pleased with the overall build quality. There’s not a ton to say it really performs super nicely on the street and it’s not that different from the factory suspension on our four-wheel-drive truck.

I think almost anybody that’s looking for a suspension kit that’s pretty modest and daily drivable is gonna be really happy with what they get there.

tl;dr: The Fox 2.0 suspension kit is a great entry-level kit that’s gonna get you a lot of off-road performance for the price. It’s a great kit for the price and I think it’s gonna be a great kit for a lot of people.

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