Fox 3.0 Shocks Review [2021]

Fox 3.0 coil-overs are high-end shocks produced by Fox. They are installed on the front.  

I spent some time riding the truck in the woods with these shocks. As I was cruising over dirt roads and hitting these massive woods at very speed the truck just soaked up the bumps like nothing. You can easily go 80-90 miles an hour on the dirt which is absolutely fast. It’s a great upgrade.

Let’s start with specs. These shocks have a three-inch diameter shock body and have coil-overs on them which makes them really beefy. That allows for a lot of fluid to move as well as they have some big heat sinks, especially on the reservoirs to allow it to cool. Basically, the idea is when you’re hitting these crazy speeds in the woods it just keeps everything kind of dialed down a lot better. And frankly, it works. I have no complaint whatsoever.

Fox three-point O’s you can’t go wrong there they’re definitely a nice upgrade over the factory suspension.

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