Icon Stage 1 Shocks Review [2021]

Icon stage 1 kit is a really great replacement for either worn-out factory suspension or just to get an upgrade over a decent factory suspension where you want a little better off-road performance.

Icon Stage one kit has got 2.5 coil-overs up front and 2.5 rear shocks in the back. There are no crazy external reservoirs or anything on these but they are slightly adjustable in the front so you can determine where you want the ride height to be.

The setup works great. It’s really a comfortable on-road ride. It’ll be a little bit stiffer than what you’re used to in a factory but it’s not gonna feel the same way as lifting a truck with a six-inch system. The way it performs off-road is excellent. This is the ideal kit if you’re somebody who’s just running logging roads or running forest roads or going camping to your favorite lake this suspension will get you there without any problem.

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