Icon Stage 2.0 Shocks Review [2021]

Icons’s 2.0 aluminum series rear shocks make a huge improvement in performance over your factory shocks. They give your truck aggressive gains in rebound compression and fade resistance, all in one powerful system. This version of the 2.0 aluminum series takes all that legendary performance to the next level by adding on a remotely mounted reservoir that increases the shock’s oil capacity even more over your factory shocks. 

It moves the shock oil away from the shock body to provide as much efficient cooling as possible so that you can throw your truck around off-road with near impunity. 

The rear shocks with the piggyback reservoir help to manage some of the jumpings around back there. Even with the extra weight of the rack, the tent, and the gear it kind of performed great.

On the highway, they were not too stiff or bouncy so I definitely was happy with it. Everyday commuters could drive it back and forth to work or the drive to the school and not feel like the truck is too uncomfortable or too stiff to be enjoyable.
On the off-road, they were quite comfortable. After spending some time up in the woods and running around the cylinders and really beating the truck around a bit and getting a feel for it I’m really happy with how the icon suspension performed. Even at  60 to 70 miles an hour in some cases, I didn’t feel like I was abusing the truck or like anything was gonna break. But people looking for ultra-plush squishy suspension probably isn’t going to be blown away by it but when you hit the bigger bumps at high speed it definitely shows its strengths.

I’d say for the most part Icon 2.0 performs really well especially over washboards and off-road settings. At slower speeds, it’s still gonna be a bit soft. You might find other suspensions like the Fox that are a little bit cushier but the Icons 2.0 do take the abuse pretty well.

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