Icons Stage 3.0 Shocks Review [2021]

I want to start by first talking about high speed off-road because that’s really kind of where the Raptor lives and if you’re looking at doing an

upgraded suspension like this is gonna be the kind of terrain that you’re probably wanting to hit 

I’ll say right off the bat that the Icons 3.0 is amazing and if you’re running on factory suspension these will be a huge upgrade to you as soon as you hit the dirt you’re gonna notice it immediately.

The Icons 3.0 performed excellent when I ran them off-road at high speed.  You can get up to 60-70 miles an hour and feel pretty confident and be planted and in control of the vehicle as long as you have some driving skills.

One of the bigger areas where I noticed a difference with this kit is once you get into the whoops and there’s some really heavy oscillation happening and the suspensions start bouncing really fast the truck stays amazingly well planted and possibly even a little bit more well-planted than the foxes were when I ran over the same track and certainly miles ahead of the worn-out factory suspension.

Bouncing over those whoops it’s very very controlled and planted you don’t feel like you’re slamming against the bump stops or that you’re just getting knocked everywhere by the vehicle. It really does keep you in control in the driver’s seat as far as the bigger hits are concerned slamming into some ruts or even getting into the point of jumping the vehicle is also very very comfortable.

Icons 3.0 have really good valving and also the spring rate. The way that they set up the shocks is made to kind of handle those heavier hits and that’s why generally Icon 3.0 kind of feels a little stiffer at first than some of the other fox or equivalent suspensions but it can have a really big payoff when you drive the vehicle hard.

With these icons, you do have the ability to lift the truck an inch or two and get that little bit more space underneath to get larger tires. 

The front coil-overs are of 3”  and that’s referring to the actual diameter of the shock and so you have a larger piston a lot more room for more fluid capacity and then with a remote reservoir on there, it gives the fluid more place to go. Now the piston can move farther. 

Once again the baseline setting they come at is really nice and the rear feels very planted on this truck and very controlled and not overly soft or overly stiff to where it steps out too much or it isn’t comfortable on the road because it’s rattling you it hits that perfect medium line.

Overall this icon system rides nice. It has very good build quality. It’s not too difficult to install although you probably will want a shop to do it because all the parts are made to work on the Raptor.

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